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during the witch burning times, midwives were targeted because they were healers and they eased the pain of childbirth which was meant to be woman’s punishment for eating the apple in the garden of eden.

birth control and abortion were considered sinful for the same reason.

anti-choice sentiment started because people (men) wanted women to be punished, and these misogynistic ideas have carried on for hundreds of years.

what a sad reflection on our society.

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Marshmallow Flower Pops ~ (photo credit and DIY tutorial in source link)

It’s unbelievable that Vladimir Putin says it’s ‘stupid’ to think that Russia has anything to do with the plane takedown, when pro- Russian separatists phone calls were aired saying that when they’d thought that they’d shot down a Ukraine government plane, they realised it was a commercial with nearly 300 people from around the world. Honestly, I really hope with the UN meetings they decide what to do about the Russian/Ukraine conflict, because if it’s not, dozens of more innocent lives will be lost. It’s a tragedy that those innocent people died for nothing, & to top it off, some of those passengers were meant to catch connecting fights to Australia for the international AIDS conference. I’m glad Malaysian airlines said they’re sending care staff for the next of kin, but it’s so hard to watch the Australians be identified on tv.

ahh, it’s great bc it’s raining and my bed’s warm & i hope i have a great sleep for once //sighs//